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Online Tantra Coaching

Tantra is considered to be the highest form of yoga; union.  Authentic Tantra® is a Lineage Based holistic healing modality rooted in the Tibetan 5 Element practices and compatible disciplines from Daoist Sexual Yoga, Somatic Sexual Healing, Non-Violent Communication, and Western Science. 

Meet Ace

Ace (they/them) is an Authentic Tantra® Practitioner, Board Certified Sexologist, trauma informed Yoga Instructor, and Racial Ethnic Justice Community Organizer in Pennsylvania.  They have a passion for multi-cultural studies, anti-racist advocacy, generational wealth building, decolonization, mindfulness, psychology, non-violent communication, and comprehensive sex education.  Their personal and professional experiences derive from their ethnic background as an Afro-Native, their 2 years as a Racial Ethnic Justice Community Organizer, their 10 years of advocacy for comprehensive and holistic sex education, and their cross-cultural experiences of studying abroad in Jamaica and in South Korea.  Ace thrives to promote the reconnection of BIPOC individuals to their Indigenous rootz while also decolonizing the Yoga and Sex industries from White Supremacy Culture.

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Authentic Tantra® is not a substitute for mental health therapy or sex counseling.  Please be sure to do your own research on any tantra provider before engaging in services.  While topics of sex will be discussed during individual coaching sessions, no sexual acts will be performed by Ace or the client.  The Institute of Authentic Tantra® is the ONLY lineage-based government accredited school for tantra in the world.  A reputable provider will have a Code of Ethics to which they operate under with integrity.  Engaging in any form of sexual intercourse or fantasy with clients is forbidden under this Code of Ethics.  

Benefits of Authentic Tantra® for Yoni Owners include: 

  • Better orgasms / better sex 

  • Relief from painful sex 

  • Learn to orgasm during penetrative sex  

  • Heal sexual abuse trauma 

  • More pleasure/joy/happiness in all areas of life 

  • More connection & inner peace 

  • Freedom from shame; self-expression and/or sexual expression 

  • Improved Sexual communication

  • Sex as a sacred practice 

*Yoni is Sanskit for Vagina

Benefits of Authentic Tantra® for Lingam Owners include:

  • Heal sexual dysfunctions such as Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Anorgasmia, and out-of-control porn use 

  • Last longer during sex 

  • Semen retention

  • Learn how to become multiple orgasmic

  • Learn how to pleasure a partner 

  • Heal sexual trauma and shame; circumcision trauma 

  • Cultivate sexuality as a spiritual path 

  • Help to overcome depression, anxiety, addiction  

*Lingam is Sanskit for Penis

Benefits of Authentic Tantra® for couples include:

  • Cultivate a better sex life and more intimacy 

  • Better communication, esp. sexual communication 

  • Deeper connection/intimacy 

  • Increased sexual understanding/education 

  • Experience more overall pleasure

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