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  • What format are sessions provided?
    Virtual via Zoom (in-person sessions are only available at Studio 34 in West Philly; an additional in-person fee is added).In-person workshops will also be provided throughout the year for individuals who are interested in these services but are not able to commit to a package.
  • Can you come to my home or residence for sessions?
    Boundaries play a huge role in the type of services that I provide. For this reason, I do NOT provide in-person sessions at clients' homes or residence UNLESS we have been working together for an extended period of time; AND both parties have given verbal (and written) expressed consent.
  • Will I ever have to take my clothes off?
    Absolutely NOT. All sessions are clothing MANDATORY. I utilize 3D anatomy modules (with consent) and diagrams to demo sexual tantric mudras and methods. I will NEVER ask you to remove clothing or expose your genitals during sessions.
  • Will there be any sexual intercourse between client and practitioner (Ace)?
    Absolutely NOT. Please be sure to read over the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education's Code of Ethics.
  • What can I expect during our sessions?
    Each package is tailored to an individual's or couple's specific needs and goals. All new clients will be required to complete a detailed Intake Form and our first session together will review this intake with 3 top goals for our time together. Please review my Offerings pages for more information about specific services.
  • Can I book just one session with you or does it have to be a package?
    Unlike therapy or counseling, Tantra coaching is often done in a series of sessions (packages) with the intention of building onto each session. These offerings are intended for individuals or couples who are seeking tools for expansion and/or self-regulation. Aside from individual/couples sessions, I also facilitate in-person Tantra Workshops throughout the year which provide a 'taste' or entry-level view of these practices, ranging from 90-minutes to 3.5-hours.
  • Do you give Homework between sessions?
    Yes, you will be given HomePlay in between each session. The purpose our time together during sessions, is to provide you (my client) with a safe space for support and self-exploration while also delivering instruction and theory. It is the time in between our sessions where the REAL work must be done. Please keep in mind that you will see the greater benefit of these practices if you are consistent with your HomePlay in between and after sessions have concluded.
  • Do you record our sessions?
    This solely up to each client. Majority of our sessions are done via Zoom therefore, you will have the option to have your sessions recorded. These sessions will be uploaded to a secure HIPAA Compliant database for your viewing. These recordings do not expire and you may access them at any point. Almost all of my clients request for their sessions to be recorded so that they may revisit them in the future when completing HomePlay. You may also opt out of having your sessions recorded. Consent is ALWAYS requested at the start of each session.
  • Are you HIPAA Compliant?
    Technically by law, as a Wellness Coach I am NOT required to abide by HIPAA. HOWEVER, due to the nature of the services I provide, I DO conduct my business within HIPAA Compliance. What does this mean? I have physical, administrative, and technical safeguards in place for handling and protecting client Protected Health Information (PHI). All client information is stored in your Client Portal which is managed by SimplePractice (a HIPAA Compliant EHR practice management software) used by many mental health therapist and wellness professionals in the US; with the exception of our session recordings. Sessions are conducted, recorded, and stored via Zoom's end-to-end encrypted HIPAA Compliant video conferencing software.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    I appreciate your understanding that all services are NON-REFUNDABLE (as stated in the Client Waiver) in nature. Each offering is a unique and personalized experience crafted with care and attention to provide valuable tools, insights, and guidance. The ONLY exception to this rule is if Ace is unable to provide services after payment has been submitted. Thank you for your trust and support.
  • Do you offer a Sliding Scale or Payment Plans?
    Yes, I provide payment plans for all packages with expressed need UPFRONT during the Discovery Session (Consultation). The terms of your payment plan will be spelling out in your Client Waiver. If this is not expressed upfront, full payment will be expected BEFORE our first session together. Also, I do offer packages on a Sliding Scale however, slots are limited and typically have a 3 to 6-month waitlist. Additionally, I offer 1-2 BIPOC Scholarships/year for individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Melanated Person of Color AND have an income that below the low-to-moderate income set by HUD. Individuals must apply for this scholarships by expressing interest via my Contact Form or email at *Please contact Ace via email ( if you are interested in donating towards this scholarship fund.
  • Do I need to be in love with someone to practice Tantra with them?
    No...and yes. Tantric practices are EXTREMELY potent and tend to produce deep intimacy with ourselves and our lovers on a multitude of levels. These practices are SACRED for this very reason and should be used with caution when performed with others who are not under guidance. Choosing to engage in tantric connection with others requires us to act with INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY, and AWARENESS. Though many practices are non-sexual in nature, it is very possible to still imprint on someone unintentionally. Imprinting is the act of forming a strong and loving bond or attachment to a person, animal, or thing.
  • How frequent will our sessions be?
    Sessions are scheduled on a biweekly basis unless otherwise specified. However, please note that sessions do have an expiration date which will be outlined in your Client Waiver.
  • Is tantra just a sexual practice?
    Absolutely not. Authentic Tantra® is a spiritual science that combines of both sexual and non-sexual practices. There are many tools within this modality which are non-sexual in nature that can be used for Emotional and Nervous System Regulation, expansion of non-sexual forms of pleasure, Mindset Shifts and Narrative Reframing, creating Sacred Space, and so much more.
  • Can I practice tantra if I'm in a same sex relationship?
  • Where are you located?
    I am currently located in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton) of Pennsylvania however, majority of services I provide are via Zoom. As of January 2024, in-person individual sessions will only be offered at Studio 34 Yoga Healing Arts in West Philly (4522 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143).

Boundaries & Disclaimers

Boundaries play a huge role in the type of services that I provide.  For this reason, I have outlines a few of my personal and professional boundaries below:

All sessions are clothing MANDATORY and non-sexual by nature.  Absolutely NO form of sexual contact, fantasy or relationship with Clients will be had during or outside of sessions, in any manner (this is in accordance to the Institute of Authentic Tantra's Code of Ethnic AND my personal boundaries).

I do NOT provide in-person sessions at clients' homes or residence UNLESS we have been working together for an extended period of time; AND both parties have given verbal (and written) expressed consent.

**I do NOT offer Discovery Sessions for CIS gendered Heterosexual men WITHOUT first communicating via email.  If you are a Cis-Het man who is interested in coaching please be sure to first read the above FAQ, my Lingam Offerings page, The Institute of Authentic Tantra® Code of Ethics, and THEN fill out my Contact Form or email me at and let me know IN DETAIL what you need support with.**

I do NOT accept calls or text before 1pm or after 10pm, unless scheduled in advance or otherwise stated. 

All services are non-refundable in nature UNLESS I (Ace) am unable to provide services after payment has been rendered.

Full payment for services is expected BEFORE the first scheduled session, UNLESS otherwise stated and agreed upon during the Discovery Session (Consultation). ​

Only APPROVED individuals may assist Ace during a workshop and/or event.  No one outside of Ace's approval shall be permitted to enter an event space or assist students during a workshop or event without expressed consent from Ace.

Ace will ALWAYS request consent to touch and/or assist before and during workshops or individual sessions.  Consent may be given OR withdrawn at any moment WITHOUT explanation from the student or client. 

Ace will ALWAYS request consent before displaying or demoing on 3D sexual anatomy models during a workshop or event. 

Any and ALL racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or xenophobic comments will result in IMMEDIATE removal from workshops or events.  Individuals who are interested in receiving DEI/Ant-Racist consulting or coaching must reach out to Ace via their Contact Form. 

**verbal exception from this rule can only be given directly by Ace


Authentic Tantra® is not a substitute for mental health therapy or sex counseling.  Please be sure to do your own research on any tantra provider before engaging in services.  While topics of sex will be discussed during individual coaching sessions, no sexual acts will be performed by Ace or the client.  The Institute of Authentic Tantra® is the ONLY lineage-based government accredited school for tantra in the world.  A reputable provider will have a Code of Ethics to which they operate under with integrity.  Engaging in any form of sexual intercourse or fantasy with clients is forbidden under this Code of Ethics.  

Violation Policies

Violations to ANY of the above boundaries or regulations will result in the following:


Violators will be BLOCKED on all my social media platforms.

Violators will be PROHIBITED from scheduling future sessions with Ace.

Violators will be BANNED from attending any future workshops AND placed on a PROHIBITED LIST that will be provided to all workshop host locations.

Repeat offenders and/or extreme violators will be flagged and REPORTED to the Institute of Authentic Tantra® and all Authentic Tantra® Practitioners.

In extreme cases, Ace may file a RESTRAINING ORDER against violators who stalk, abuse, harass, violate personal/professional boundaries or create an unsafe environment for Ace and/or other students/clients.

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