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Decolonizing Sex and Pleasure through Authentic Tantra®

Sexual Liberation through Sacred Practices

Gain a brief snap shot of what Lineage-Based Authentic Tantra® is.

We have all been conditioned into a society that is both patriarchic and white supremist by nature. This country has a long-lasting legacy of exploiting black and brown bodies, and catalyzing Epigenetics through intergenerational trauma. Trauma is considered an overwhelming experience in which our perception of a threat is so high that it sends our nervous system into a state of shock and our defense response gets ‘stuck’. This legacy of trauma has been coded and stored in our very DNA through chemical markers that can be passed down from generation to generation to generation. Trauma can be felt in the body, mind and spirit.

Resmaa Menakem explains it best in his best-selling book, My Grandmother’s Hands;

Many times, trauma in a person decontextualized over time can look like personality. Trauma in a family decontextualized over time can look like family traits, trauma decontextualized in a people over time can look like culture and it takes time to slow it down so you can begin to discern what’s what.”

Trauma from: chattel slavery, assault or abuse, genocide, colonialism, religion and oppression by the church, racial segregation, anti-blackness, colorism, color-based prejudice, texturism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, circumcision or genital mutilation, macro/micro aggressions and continued exposure to white supremacy culture embedded throughout every social system; have all compounded over generations thus requiring a great deal of holistic healing to reset and return to wholeness as a people. Alongside many traditional forms of western medicine; the integration of a sex positive and pleasure focused sacred practice is essential in the acceleration of healing the entire human form. This integration is even more critical to the healing of the womb or yoni, as this space in the body is responsible for manipulating life energy.

If you heal the womb, you heal the nation.



Tantra is considered the highest form of yoga; often based in a sexual union practice. It can also be described as an internal yogic pleasure practice. In Sanskrit the word Yoga means union and in Tibet the word Tantra is seen as the union of visual manifestations (perception/light), verbal alchemy (mantra/sound), and the human body (form). Though there are many forms of tantra, this article will focus on Authentic Tantra®; a lineage-based holistic healing modality rooted in the Tibetan 5 Element practices and combined compatible disciplines of Daoist Sexual Yoga, Somatic Sexual healing, Nonviolent Communication and Western Science. Although Authentic Tantra® is rooted in Tibetan Tantra, many of the methods taught in this modality do not come from Tibetan Buddhism. The 4 Pillars of Authentic Tantra® are unique to this modality and are the basis for all the trauma informed practices within it; which include Meditation, Connection, Movement, and Pleasure. This weaving of light and sound with form through the 4 Pillars of Authentic Tantra® are the blueprint to enlightenment; naturally coded within our DNA. Each pillar reconnects us to this coded knowledge.


Our bodies are hardwired to heal themselves. This can be observed through the release of neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, Endorphins, Serotonin, and Oxytocin which act as natural pain killers, anti-depressants, and stress relievers. Each pillar activates a unique code within our DNA to heal itself from stored traumas and illnesses. Our connection to these pillars can also be used as healthy ways of self-soothing to form secure attachment styles that help us deal or cope with suffering during life’s unpredictable cycles.

The first pillar of Authentic Tantra® is Meditation. This is the yogic practice of focused deliberate awareness. The purpose of meditation is to cultivate presence by connecting us back to our inner wisdom, power, passion, and purpose in life. Sitting in meditation provides space for the mind to process through reality’s filters and achieve a state of internal stability or calmness. Authentic Tantra® utilizes meditation to support the union of healing our human form by reconnecting to the divine within us all. On a neurological level; meditation supports the production of happy hormones like serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin.

Next is Self-Connection; which is applied through intentional, or mindful, breathing techniques that activate the Vagus Nerve, journaling and practice of Non-Violent Communication or tantric speech. Our breath is literally a portal to the present moment. It is the very first thing we do when we come into this world and the very last thing we do before leaving it. Mindful breathing has the power to ground us in any given moment, purify suffering from over 84,000 afflicted emotions and catapults the repatterning of our nervous system to help us relax (Polyvagal Theory). Along with the breath, the language we use to speak to ourselves can either support growth and healing or create destruction and mental illness. Our thoughts create our reality and often times we are unware of the self-sabotaging narratives we feed ourselves in the name of 'survival'.

The third pillar in this modality is Movement. Movement is practiced through intentional dance and exercise to strengthen connection with self. This is done through the conscious manipulation of cosmic power winds and pelvic floor toning. Movement also somatically heals trauma stored within the cells of the physical body and aids in the production of oxytocin, serotonin, phenylethylamine, and endorphins. Tantric movement allows us to give ourselves permission to move the body in any which way that feels liberating. This pillar empowers the human form to express itself without social/cultural limitations, judgement, or fear of being harmed. Thrusting, undulating, shaking, jumping and whole body expansion is heavily encouraged.

Last and certainly not least, is the pillar of Pleasure. In our society, this word has gotten a bad rep, as many trusted sources fail to provide an adequate understanding of how pleasure is experienced. Frequently this term is solely associated with sex and used synonymously with gratification however, pleasure is our built-in guidance system which lets us know when we are doing something life-serving, or life-defeating (Ward, 2012). As human beings, we experience pleasure in 4 ways; physically/sensually (the 5 senses), emotionally, sexually, and/or spiritually. Cultivating the ability to distinguish and recognize the many forms of pleasure that human bodies can experience, allows for deeper healing on a multitude of levels. Identifying which areas of pleasure we experience the most also connects us to our human desire to fulfill unmet needs. Once we have learned to identify how the different forms of pleasure influence our human existence, we can then begin to advocate for those needs. Authentic Tantra® supports the exploration of sexual pleasure zones, masturbation, over 15+ types of orgasms, healing of sexual dysfunctions, and the development of personal autonomy.

Real Authentic Tantra® is inclusive of both sexual and non-sexual practices that can benefit anybody regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Even for those who consider themselves Asexual, can benefit from these tools. Below is a list of benefits of Authentic Tantra® for yoni owners, lingam owners and couples or lovers. These lists are not exhaustive however, they provide deeper intersection into the healing powers of this practice. Benefits of Tantra for Yoni Owners 

  • Better orgasms / better sex

  • Relief from painful sex

  • Learn to orgasm during penetrative sex

  • Heal trauma, especially sexual abuse

  • More pleasure/joy/happiness in all areas of their lives

  • Emotional Regulation

  • More connection & inner peace –with yourself, your body and/or partner

  • Freedom from shame; self-expression and/or sexual expression

  • Sexual communication and/or deeper connection/intimacy with partner(s)

  • Sexuality as a spiritual path; sex as a sacred practice

  • Navigating a life change –eg. divorce, menopause, career shift, etc.

Benefits of Tantra for Lingam Owners

  • Heal sexual dysfunctions –esp. Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Anorgasmia, out-of-control porn use

  • Last longer during sex

  • Learn to have multiple orgasms / separate orgasm from ejaculation

  • Become better lovers / Learn how to pleasure a partner

  • Heal trauma/shame; circumcision trauma

  • Cultivate sexuality as a spiritual path

  • Help to overcome depression, anxiety, addiction

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Heal Toxic Masculinity

  • Semen retention

Benefits of Tantra for Couples

  • Better sex

  • Better communication, esp. sexual communication

  • Deeper connection/intimacy

  • Increased sexual understanding/education

  • Want to experience more pleasure

If you want to learn more about Authentic Tantra®, book a workshop, or sign-up for individual coaching sessions; please reach out for a FREE 1:1 Discovery Session.


Epigenetics is an area of scientific research that shows how environmental influences, including childhood experiences, affect the expression of genes.

Yoni is Sanskrit for Vagina

Lingam is Sanskrit for Penis

Asexuality is a sexual orientation in which a person experiences little to no sexual attraction to others.


Menakem, R. 2017. My Grandmother’s Hands (book)

Ward, D. 2012. Shake Your Soul Song (book)


Authentic Tantra® is not a substitute for mental health therapy or sex counseling. Please be sure to do your own research on any tantra provider before engaging in services. While topics of sex will be discussed during individual coaching sessions, no sexual acts will be performed by Ace or the client. The Institute of Authentic Tantra® is the ONLY lineage-based government accredited school for tantra in the world. A reputable provider will have a Code of Ethics to which they operate under with integrity. Engaging in any form of sexual intercourse or fantasy with clients is forbidden under this Code of Ethics.

updated: October 30, 2023

Authentic Tantra® and Tibetan Tantra™ are trademarks of Devi Ward Erickson and the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education Ltd., and used under license


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