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Decolonizing Sexuality

The relationship between western science and Ancient Knowledge is complex and multifaceted. Western science, influenced by the Enlightenment era, emphasizes empirical evidence, deductive reasoning, and the use of the scientific method to understand the natural world. The use of Western science is based on a ‘logical’ approach or use of ‘Yang’ energy. Whereas, Ancient Knowledge, on the other hand, is often based on observation, oral traditions, indigenous wisdom and spiritual beliefs which are passed down through generations. This ancient way of thinking stems from an 'intuition/feelings’ approach and uses ‘Yin’ energy.

Yin and Yang are two complementary principles of Chinese philosophy that maintain the harmony of the universe and influence everything within it.

Though western science has led to significant advancements in various fields, such as medicine, technology, and engineering. It is important to recognize that it is just one perspective among many in our quest for knowledge and understanding. Incorporating alternative ways of knowing, such as ancient knowledge, indigenous wisdom, and diverse cultural perspectives; can enrich our understanding and provide a more holistic view of the world. Bridging this gap between the two consciousness involves acknowledging the limitations of western science while also respecting and learning from the wisdom and experiences embedded in Ancient Knowledge. By combining methodologies and embracing diverse ways of knowing, we can foster a more comprehensive understanding of the world and address complex contemporary challenges. This approach promotes the exploration of alternative perspectives, embraces diverse expressions of sexuality, and recognizes the importance of consent, bodily autonomy, and inclusive equitable sexual practices.

Decolonizing sexuality involves releasing the idea that Western science is the ultimate authority. It is a process of unlearning and reevaluating our beliefs and practices to create a more inclusive, empowering, and liberating approach to pleasure and sexual well-being. This also requires recognizing and valuing diverse cultural, historical, and indigenous perspectives on sexuality, which can provide a more inclusive, holistic, and empowering understanding of human sexualities beyond the limitations of a Western-centric framework.


Decolonization is the reclaiming of Indigenous identity, knowledge, ceremony, traditions, and nationhood. It is about deconstructing (undoing and removing) the systems put in place by colonization.

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